Afghans from Amenity Home


Despite my best intentions, I am not much of a crafter. Finding the time to pick up a skill and excel at it–well, it takes time, and I always seem to have something else that needs to be done. But that doesn’t stop me from imagining all the beautiful things I would make for my home, if in fact I could.

These afghans from Amenity Home’s fall/winter collection look exactly like something that would play a central role in these crafting fantasies of mine. The rich color palettes would warm up any living room, and the not-too-heavy weight seems perfect for a cool California night spent at home with your couch and a movie.

Each blanket is hand-knitted by skilled (re: not me) artisans from natural alpaca wool and eco-friendly dyes–materials I’d prefer to use if, you know, I actually knitted them myself. There’s no harm in casually throwing one in my home and pretending I’m crafting goddess, right?

Images: Amenity Home

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