Design Dilemma: Art without Commitment


Decorating your walls poses the same problem as choosing a mate: Commitment is scary. Although finding the right partner is a challenging problem, there’s an easy answer for your home.Wall decals were popular a few years back for the punch of design and color they give plain walls. The next generation of stick-able decor includes photo frames, which are perfect for the would-be decorator who wants to put art on the walls but fears the finality of a nail in drywall. These peel-and-stick frames allow you to be a design player; changing photographs and posters with the abandon Jesse James employs when dating.

Some of the best come from Butch & Harold. Their Glam line is a tad more elegant than some on the market. (See above)

San Francisco-based Photojojo has some interesting photo frame decals in their online store; although you might want to opt for just one style for a look of sophistication.

The Land of Nod is meant for kids, but with judicious selection and a little design sense, you could make what’s meant for children an artistic statement.

In a similar vein, the Polaroid dry erase photo frames available from All Modern could be cheesed up with the accompanying tack and tape decals. Loose these accessories and forgo writing on them, and they become a cool look with a retro flavor.


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