Enjoy the View at 2701 Broadway


It’s a rare crystal-clear day here in the city by the bay, and readers, it is a true delight. Even up in Twin Peaks, a notoriously fog-filled neighborhood, I could make out the Golden Gate Bridge peeking out from over the distant hills. The beach and slate blue water lifted their omnipresent veil and called to me. I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that this beautiful clarity lasts through the weekend.

Since I’ll be staring at the walls of a cubicle for the rest of the day, I need a little reminder of the gorgeous scene unfolding outside, and a little boost to get through this last day of the work week.

Yes, I have yet another gorgeous, ridiculously expensive house to show you, this one tucked into San Francisco’s tony Pacific Heights neighborhood. Located at 2701 Broadway, this mega-mansion is on the market for a cool $32mil. The exterior looks a tad like a bank with windows, but the interior stretches out with room after room of comfortably classic decor. And the views–the views! From one side you can ogle the bridge, the other the Transamerica building. And on a day like today, they can’t be beat.

If you’re in the market to drop a fortune, more information and dozens of pictures can be found on the property’s website.

Images: 2701 Broadway

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