True Blue: New Cookware Colors for the Kitchen


No man is an island–no kitchen, either, from what I’ve seen. And yet it appears the latest trend in cookware are colors that set the room awash in a sea of blue.

A few weeks ago I was all a-twitter about Anthropologie’s selection of turquoise Staub pots. Since then most of those sea glass-colored wonders have been snatched up, but you can still find a mini-cocotte in the hue. (And don’t discount this pint-size piece; it’s just right for individual servings of molten chocolate cakes, making it virtually indispensable in any kitchen.)

Then yesterday I saw blue, then green, at my local Williams-Sonoma. The green was envy caused by all those stacks of Le Creuset I’d love to have in my house. The blue was courtesy of their newest color, Ocean, which, as far as I can tell, isn’t even available on the website yet. This deep, appropriately named gray-blue seemed the perfect foil to the brand’s flashier Caribbean Blue, and more current then their classic Azure.

Of course the beauty of both cookware lines is that regardless of color trends, each piece is built to stand the test of time, so you’ve got to find one that you’re willing to live with for a while. Would you consider adding either to the palette of your kitchen?

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