Shower Caddies with Style


Living near arguably the tech capital of the world, it’s easy to be in a state of constant marvel at how far we’ve come in this digital age. But one step inside my shower feels like a giant leap backwards for mankind. Really, how can we have come so far and still have to stare at those rusty old hanging shower caddies? People, we’re better than that. It’s time to jump forward into a modern world where weak suction cups and precariously arranged shampoo bottles no longer exist. Here’s how to get there:

Is it an elegant accoutrement? No, but dang if Sleek Identity’s Shower Octopus won’t put a smile on your face. It also holds your soap bottles (you know, so those slick suckers don’t slip from your grasp and fall directly on your big toe) and hangs them upside down to ensure every drop of conditioner gets used. What more could you ask for from a bathing companion? Don’t answer that.

For a more grown-up look, Simple Human’s caddies are just the ticket. You can adjust the shelves up, down, or side to side to accommodate larger bottles, and store them securely upside down for ease of dispensing. A rubberized clamp and, yes, a suction cup keep them in place, but manage to do so with some style.

I’m still holding out hope that some mad scientist will take the lowly shower caddy and reinvent it into a wonder product; until then, these quasi-futuristic catch-alls will do just fine.

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