Skirball’s “Home Sweet Home” Exhibit Brings Out Property Magnate in All


Even with real estate prices bottoming out, many of us still consider buying a piece of California property a pipe dream. But thanks to the Skirball’s latest exhibit, “Home Sweet Home”, anyone can purchase a piece of the American Dream.

Stop by the museum through October 3rd and you can buy your own tiny cardboard home for just $15. Pick a plot of land on the exhibit’s giant Los Angeles map (with the help of one of the assisting real estate agents, naturally), sign on the dotted line, get your keys, then get to work decorating your house as you see fit. As more people participate, neighborhoods begin to build, and, out of nothing, a community is formed. The interactive project is the creation of British theater company Subject to_change. Find out more about the installation at, and see photos of the burgeoning town at the Skirball Flickr page.

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