A Heart “Felt” Collaboration from CraftedSystems


Is there nothing that can’t be made better with a bit of felt? You know we love the material, so CraftedSystems’ rugs, bowls, and mats made of 100 percent wool felt immediately caught our attention. But there’s so much more to love about these products than just their material.

To start with, they art true works of art. Each pattern is painstakingly precise and intricately conceived, with color combinations both vibrant and modern.

What’s more, each item is made from carefully interlocking felt pieces that fit together just so, meaning no adhesive is required in the process.

But the best part by far is that every piece is assembled by hand by residents at Portland Oregon’s YWCA Women’s Shelter. The collaboration provides training and employment for the women, and the skilled labor necessary to produce such well-crafted marvels.

CraftedSystems line of felt goods is available online through their website or through San Francisco’s Branch Home.


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