Local Artist/Designer Receives “Genius Award”


The word ‘genius’ gets thrown around far too often these days, from judges scoring a “So You Think You Can Dance” routine to the design prowess of so many budding celebutantes and their fashion lines. But recipients of the annual MacArthur grants, can, with some confidence, truly be named among the elite minds of our time. After all, they’re not nicknamed the “genius awards” for nothing, right?

A light installation by the artist

Included in the mix of quantum astrophysicists and bee entomologists in this year’s list of grant recipients is artist Jorge Pardo. The California resident has been turning heads and gaining fans the world over with his projects, which blur the line between art and, oh, about half a dozen other artistic endeavors, including design and architecture. A museum installation could double as the artist’s house; an exhibit could come displayed in craftily undulating wood cabinets. Whatever it is, you can be sure it will leave you questioning the parameters in which art typically begins and ends.

Aside from getting the privilege of being able to call yourself a genius, recipients receive a $500,000 grant to do with as they see fit. Let’s hope Pardo comes up with some fantastic work to display in the state that he calls home.

Find out more about Pardo’s work and his selection as a MacArthur Fellow here.


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