What Would a Stylist Do?


Ever wonder why everything looks so much better in magazine-form than in real life? Do the owners of those stylish homes in your favorite glossy have interior designers on speed dial, or a live-in maid and overly-anal organizational expert to keep things neat and tidy at all times? Probably not.

The real secret to those glorious magazine spreads is simple: the prop stylist. Those folks are the fairy godmothers of the magazine world. A careful addition of an item or two here, a tweak there, and–poof!–all of a sudden a home is ready for its close-up.

When my place is in need of a little sprucing, I ask myself one thing: WWaSD (What Would a Stylist Do)? Nine times out of ten I don’t know the answer. But luckily, today I’m quite certain I do. A stylist would buy up a slew of these pretty Spanish glass vases, wine bottles, and votives from West Elm.

She’d then use this colorful collection to style table settings, mantles, and any little vignette she pleases. Afterwards, she’d give herself a big pat on the back for staying well under budget, as these lovely items run between just $4 and $12.

Or if there were no budget, a stylist would get crafty and follow this easy tutorial from Martha Stewart to make some of her own with used bottles and leftover paint.

My home might not be magazine-ready yet, but with this new WWaSD mantra–and a few of those bottles–it’s sure to be moving in the right direction.

Images: West Elm

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