Leap’s 27th Annual Sandcastle Contest This Saturday



In between Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Open Studios and the rest of this weekend’s madness in San Francisco, Ocean Beach will be invaded by gargantuan monsters and whimsical castles as part of Leap’s annual fundraising sandcastle building contest. This year’s theme is “Sand Francisco,” so get down to the seashore and watch the magic happen.

Saturday’s competition, the largest in NorCal, pits teams comprised of architects, contractors, designers and elementary school kids against one another as a way of introducing more arts and architecture sensibility to the youngsters. The contest goes from 10 am-4 pm, by which each of the two dozen 400-square foot plots will grow into a vast, crazy topiary of sand.

The judges this year are heavyweights in the Bay Area arts scene, including Sirron Norris, Paul Madonna, and Susan Landauer, the former chief curator of the San Jose Museum of Art. Whose alien-monster sand being will reign supreme?

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