3 Bathrooms, 3 Unique Styles by L.A.’s M. Design


You might recognize this knockout bathroom below from our August 2008 issue or our inspiration room gallery.

And unsurprisingly, the rest of this Bel Air house is equally breathtaking. Molly Luetkemeyer of L.A.’s M. Design is the creative force behind the stunning interior, and although every room is gorgeous, in my humble opinion her genius is nowhere more apparent than in the look of the house’s three loos. While the bones are roughly the same as the one shown above, the style of each is extremely unique, making for a nice study in the design possibilities of a room.

The feminine master bath shown here feels airy and serene. A wide expanse of marble countertops is similar to the first room, but white walls and pale blue cupboards replace the bright wallpaper and bold accents. It’s an environment that’s more conducive to creating a relaxing experience, like, say, a warm bath at the end of a long day.

The children’s bath, on the other hand, feels crisp and modern–a perfect place to start your morning on a cheerful note. Again there’s plenty of counter space, so there’ll be no shoving matches over the sink. And speaking of sinks, I love the subtle peek of color from the bowls sunk below white countertops.

Whether ultra-glam, soothing, or utilitarian, each space has its own personality but still feels similar enough to live comfortably in the same house.

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Images: M. Design International

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