Fermob On Sale from Flora Grubb


Furniture companies rolled out their fall offerings months ago, and if their catalogs are any indication, we’re now supposed to be fluffing our homes with thick wool throws, cushioned couches, and other nesting items.

But this is California! We can entertain outdoors (almost) any day we please, right? So I won’t feel a season late and a dollar short sharing these beautiful images from iconic French outdoor furniture company Fermob.

If you live in the Bay Area, order any Fermob furniture you like through Flora Grubb from now through October 30th and they’ll include it in their next shipment from the furniture company. You’ll also get 15 percent off your purchase of $1000 or more. Laugh your lucky Californian head off knowing you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor furniture set for at least another month or two after your East Coast brethren have packed theirs away.

Of course, if you live in the tundra that is San Francisco proper you might have to wait until next year’s week of summer for warm outdoor entertaining. But there’s nothing like being prepared, right? And I think many of the line’s bistro-style tables and chairs would look equally at home indoors, should you (or the weather) be so inclined.

Images: Fermob

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