Sweet Artwork from Paul Ferney


When I’ve got a little extra money in my pocket, I treat myself with something sweet. When I have a little more cash (a rarity), I crave not shoes, jewelry, or other typical trappings of wealth. No, it’s original artwork on which I splurge. So San Francisco artist Paul Ferney’s sumptuous cake paintings satisfy both my big and small cravings at once. Each one is a little dollop of sweet perfection. I only hesitate to purchase because I’m quite certain having one around would cause a sharp increase in my consumption of Miette baked goods, already reaching dangerous levels.

And cakes are just the beginning. Ferney’s landscapes capture that misty, ethereal beauty of Northern California and its ever-changing sky that evades many a deft hand.

This weekend you can see new work from the artist’s “City & Country” show during San Francisco’s annual Open Studios. Stop by Ferney’s Mission studio on Saturday or Sunday from 11 to 6 for a look. I hear some cake paintings are still available, too, if you’ve got both a sweet tooth and art fixation like me.

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