Paxton Gate’s Spooky Centerpieces


We’re just weeks away from Halloween, and even if you won’t be dressing up for the holiday, trimming your home with spooky decorations is, while not mandatory, the sign that you’re still at least somewhat getting into the spirit. But aside from the token jack-o’-lantern, what to do to get your house ready for All Hallows’ Eve?

Just in time for Halloween centerpieces, that merchant of the macabre, Paxton Gate, is introducing floral designs to the masses. While they’ve got perfectly lovely designs for bouquets, it’s the spine-chilling that we’re looking for this time of year, and with bleached bones and various creepy-crawlies tucked between the stems, these centerpieces have you covered. And like everything else out of this San Francisco store, the sinister and beautiful are expertly balanced in each piece.

Arrangements from Paxton Gate start around $85 and–talk about scary–skyrocket up to $500. But a small piece in the middle of your spooky soiree is sure to make a ghoulishly delightful impact.

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