Tour Santa Monica’s Case Study Homes


From 1945 through the first half of the 1960s, Arts & Architecture Magazine commissioned a series of model homes from some of the most acclaimed architects and designers of the time, including boldface names like Neutra, Eames, Koenig, and Saarinen. The project, called the Case Study Houses, aimed at bringing exceptionally-made homes to the masses by designing them to be both inexpensive and constructed from readily available materials–World War II rationing making the latter of particular import.

From these restrictions came a wealth of creative solutions, and about two dozen innovative houses that helped turn the look of Mid-Century Modern architecture mainstream. Many of the homes still stand to this day, with the vast majority concentrated in the L.A. area. And now, thanks to Santa Monica Conservancy, you get to take a peek inside.

Case Study House # 20, also known as the Bailey House, designed by Richard Neutra

The Mid-Century Modern Tour is taking place this Saturday, October 23rd in and around Santa Monica. In addition to getting to see several Case Study homes and other notable buildings in the area (see the full list of stops here), a reception will take place at the Neutra-designed Bailey House, where architectural historian Barbara Lamprecht will give a lecture on the architect.

For more information and tickets to the events, visit the Santa Monica Conservancy.

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