Design Dilemma: Iglu to the Rescue


Confession: I love organizing gadgets. Sadly, sometimes the straight-out-of-Brookstone-style items disappoint. However, I don’t think the Iglu is going to break my tidy heart.

The Iglu comes from Rakku Designs, creators of the Shoe Wheel (more later), and it’s designed for the the basic closet with a single rod, a solitary shelf and no style. It’s perfect for the shoe-and-purse-blessed fashionista who is cursed with this kind of minimal storage, since the vinyl, triangular compartments fit heels and oversize bags to a T. Each cubby is expandable, making them appropriate for everything from flats to stilettos. Inserts can subdivide each unit, accommodating smaller accessories such as wallets or clutches.

The Iglu can hang from a closet rod or door, rest on a shelf or stand on wheels on the floor (hooks are included, brackets and wheels sold seperately).

This storage item is brand new, but a few years back, Rakku introduced the shoe wheel to the space-challenged. The picture tells the story.

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