Ghost Nest: Custom Hardware for the Home


Adding some personality around your home needn’t be a laborious undertaking; if you’ve ever switched out your home’s knobs and pulls then you know what a huge upgrade fresh hardware can make. And the best part is, it’s pretty much the easiest DIY you could do.

But if you’ve exhausted the selection at Anthropologie and are still looking to take your personalization to the next (albeit still totally easy) level, then it’s time you check out Ghost Nest.

The San Francisco-based company creates high-quality, customizable hardware for the home. You go on their website, pick a style of pull, then upload any photo, print, or design that you’d like to see on the face of it. Maybe ornate initials to hang each member of the house’s keys, or a digital pattern in a shade you’ve had trouble finding? Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

And if you’re having trouble coming up with something, there’s a selection of artist-created designs to choose from too. I’m partial to the vintage butterflies shown above, but you can browse the rest here.


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