L.A.’s Mohawk General Store Offers Exceptional Mix


General stores are cropping up all over the place, but, at the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney, they’re nothing like the ones I frequented as a kid. While they still carry a broad range of products, this new breed is more likely to stock hip, hard-to-find clothing labels and vintage treasures than the penny candy I was always after.

Yet I love them just the same. We’ve covered San Francisco’s version, which sports the simple all-encompassing moniker, and now I’m eyeing L.A.’s Mohawk General Store. It’s been around for a few years, but recently moved into a larger space in the city’s Silverlake neighborhood.

Mohawk mainly sticks to shoes and clothing, but, true to its name, there’s a little bit of plenty else throughout the shop. The little selection of home items is particularly lovely, including lots of vintage pieces and a few new gems, like these faceted planters from designer Kelly Lamb.

After surveying the space, you’ll probably be ready to dismantle each display and take off with all the gorgeous furniture throughout. No worry there; most of it is for sale through Mohawk’s partner vendor, Amsterdam Modern. I’m particularly gaga for this set of chairs with lipstick red seats. They’re no bag of Swedish Fish, but I’d happily take them home all the same.

Images, from top: Mohawk, Kelly Lamb, Amsterdam Modern

Link via The New York Times

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