Kelly Wearstler’s Beverly Hills Home for Sale


Los Angeles designer Kelly Wearstler’s over-the-top interiors have left many a critic either in awe (so vibrant and unique!) or in the throws of a seizure (beware the contrasting patterns), so the look of her new-to-the-market Beverly Hills home is likely to pull both a long list of admirers and at least a few detractors. One thing on which we can all agree? The asking price of $46 million dollars could definitely cause a fit of some sort.

The designer and her hotelier husband Brad Korzen bought the place just five years ago for $25 mil–meaning they hope to turn quite a tidy profit for a top-to-tail renovation and Wearstler-ization of the property. Yes, an extra $21 million is a lot to ask, but given the demand for her designs it may not be completely outside the realm of reality. That checkerboard coffee table and giant bust combo, on the other hand? Could very well be.

To see more of the mansion, click over to shelterpop.

Image: Everett Fenton Gidley for Westside Estate Agency, via shelterpop

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