Is it Christmas Yet? DWR’s New Giftables


Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, Thanksgiving is still a month away, and the holidays are but a faint glint on the horizon. But stores are already gearing up for the shopping season with gift-friendly products, and well, there’s just too much good stuff not to share. DWR in particular is bringing it with the newest products in Tools for Living. The home accessories section has a little something for big spenders and Secret Santas alike, with little stylish options that’ll fit snuggly in lucky recipients’ stockings.

There are limited edition Bitossi vases that are admittedly very cool, but at $400 to $600 a pop, not good for casual gifting. On the other hand, Bitossi’s Rimini Blu collection shown below starts at just $40. Do yourself a favor and pick up the little owl for $45, because there’s bound to be someone on your list who collects them–trust.

It should go without saying that everybody wants something shiny for Christmas. Midas Glassware starts at around $30, and come on, it’s gold!

A soft lambswool throw for $150 is a deal I’d not expect from DWR, but I’ll take it.

And in the stupid money category, an eerily beautiful glass skull from Esque should fit the bill. If you’ve got the $3k lying around, at least gift it early to get some extra mileage out of it as a Halloween decoration first. ‘Tis the season, after all.

Images: DWR

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