FLOR Store Opening in Santa Monica


If it was especially hard to get out of bed this morning, blame the chill in the air that seems to always coincide with the first of November. It’s that, or your bare hardwood floors. Really, how can one expect to get up at a decent hour when the floors surrounding that warm bed are sure to send icy shockwaves through the body at first step? This time of year, it’s impossible. Risk being eternally late for work, or invest in some soft, toe-warming carpet for underfoot.

To that end, we’re always impressed with the selection at FLOR. In addition to being wonderfully flexible (the roughly 20 x 20-inch square pieces can be configured to any shape you like), these carpet tiles come in a wide range of patterns and colors, with one sure to work for your space. Right now I’m drawn to the new ikat design, “Sophistikat,” shown above, but there are far too many to choose a favorite.

It used to be that Californians could only find FLOR online, but no more. Starting this Thursday, the company’s new Santa Monica store, located a few blocks from Thirds Street Promenade at 412 Broadway, will be open to the public. Along with getting to see all the patterns in person, visitors can pick and lay out their own design, consult with a FLOR designer to create the right look for their space, or have an in-home consultation to make sure everything works just so. And if even the easiest of carpet installations sounds daunting, you can schedule to have your tiles professionally installed. So head down there before the next cold streak hits–your feet will thank you.

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