Muir Wall Coat Rack from Amenity Home


I live in a tiny abode and try to be neat and organized, I really do.  But there’s always a last-minute scramble to get out the door without forgetting anything—jacket, mail, paperwork, keys, you know the drill.  When I saw the Muir Wall Coat Rack, I didn’t lose a second before looking around for a wall for it.  The pure and simple functionality, the storage slot, the gorgeous reclaimed wood, well, be still my heart.

Made in Los Angeles of reclaimed Douglas Fir, non-toxic stains, and low-VOC finishers.  Each coat rack is individually crafted, and available in 42″ (five pegs, $177) or 54″ lengths (six pegs, $223), and in natural or walnut.  More information on the Amenity Home website.

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