Redefine Offers an Easy Alternative to Weekend Shopping


Finding furniture with true character used to take a lot of legwork. Visits to estate sales, workshops, and thrift stores can eat up an entire weekend if you’re not careful–fine if you’ve got something to show for it, but a definite letdown if you end up empty-handed.

Luckily, more and more online retailers are tapping into that niche by offering the unique furniture you’re searching for right at the home computer. Redefine is just such a place. Based in Costa Mesa, the web retailer offers a mix of new and old, with pieces by local artists and found furnishings to create that perfect balance for a well-rounded home.

Was: $1225   Now: $899

And there’s no better time to get acquainted with Redefine, as now through Friday they’re having a sample sale on their site. Gorgeous tables, lamps and decorative items that have been gently used for photographs are now priced way down.

Was: $1775   Now: $1249

And best of all there’s no need to find parking, haggle, or even break a sweat. It’s time to welcome the lazy weekend back with open arms.

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