Out My Window


Throughout California and the world, highrise buildings are a key–if not exactly beloved–component of the modern landscape. Endearing they’re not, but what can be seen by some as an eyesore, is simply “home” to many others. Out My Window, an interactive documentary funded by the National Film Board of Canada, aims to capture the stories of those who live inside these concrete towers.

The project consists of 360-degree virtual tours of highrise homes from all over the world. Each window offers a view on life in a different city–from Havana, Cuba to Bangalore, India and beyond. While there are no California homes represented, the diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures that make up this patchwork “building” doesn’t seem too far removed from a glimpse at any highrise you’d find throughout our state. Yet click on any of the story hotspots found in each apartment, and find compelling narratives that give rich perspective to life in each of the countries represented. It’s a fascinating look at what part these architectural behemoths play in segregation and community building, and the effects of design on contemporary life.

Take a look at for yourself at Out My Window.

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