Holiday Decorating Tips from the Anthro Pros


There are plenty of stores known for their extravagant holiday window displays, but given the choice, I prefer to ogle the ones at Anthropologie. As you’d only expect from the store, they’re always as pretty, fresh, and unique as all get-out. But aside from all the beauty, I’m mainly checking them out to cop ideas for my own holiday decorations.

Yeah, I said it. Who needs Martha and a mile-long receipt From Michael’s when I can repurpose plastic bags, bottles, and cardboard scraps into handmade holiday crafts ala those ingenious Anthropologists?

Well now it looks like I no longer have to stand in front of their stores with a notepad. In preparation of the winter shopping blitz,  Anthropologie is holding Holiday Display Workshops that are open to the public at stores across the state.

While at first it may sound like a clever way to get some free labor (wait–we’re designing your displays?) one look at those windows will remind you that these guys know their game. Spend a few hours learning from the pros, then take that knowledge back home to spark your own festive crafting extravaganza. It’s a win-win.

Workshops are going on now, with one happening in Burlingame this afternoon and more dates scheduled at stores all over in the next two weeks. Get information here, then start hoarding those plastic bottles.

Via Lolalina

Images: Autumn window displays from the Anthropologie Facebook page

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