New Café’s Decor is Simply MA•Velous


I’m not a coffee drinker. When it comes to caffeine I have the tolerance of a two-year old, so anything more than a sip of the dark stuff and I’m up into the wee hours rearranging furniture (aka the design addict’s answer to counting sheep). That said, I’m still excited to visit the newly opened MA•Velous in San Francisco. It’s not the beans that are drawing me to this coffee shop and café, though with six different ways to brew each artisanally-grown cup, I’m tempted. Instead, I’m anxious to check out the eco-friendly interiors by Adeeni Design Group.

They thought of everything, down to the non-toxic grout surrounding the tiles. And what wasn’t repurposed or built from a single fallen California walnut tree was created by local artists. See custom light fixtures by Kevin Randolph, photography by Meg Messina, and a large mural spanning the top of the wall by street artist Eddie Colla.

If coffee doesn’t do it for you either, MA•Velous also serves sustainably grown wine and a menu of small plates made from locally grown food. That’s enough to keep me up tonight in anticipation of a visit.

Images: Crystal Shafer

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