2010 Hit List: The Bleachers Rug by Vera Za’Arour


San Francisco interior designer Vera Za’arour appreciated the clean, modern look of a white rug but understood her clients’ anxiety over muddy sneakers and spilled red wine. So she created the easy-to-clean Bleachers Rug, which gets its stripes from a weave of cream-colored hemp and white wool that is hand-knotted in Nepal. The entire rug is finished with a unique bleach wash that allows it to be spot cleaned with bleach, soap and water. “I wanted to create a light-colored rug that families aren’t afraid to have in their homes,” says Za’arour. “It’s both kid-proof and guest-proof.” The rug is available at David Sutherland in L.A., and can be made to order in any size.


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