Amenity Home Sample Sale in L.A. (and Online)


So often sample sales build up your wheelin’ and dealin’ hopes by promising the moon. Then after hightailing it across town and doing battle with likeminded savings-hungry shoppers, you find it’s actually a so-so selection with mediocre markdowns. Dang.

With at least three sample sale websites touting their latest designer selections in my inbox as I type, it can seem hardly worth it to risk the potential heartbreak of a meh shopping experience if, you know, it actually requires moving.

But this weekend’s Amenity Home sample sale in downtown Los Angeles is bound to be different. To start, at around 50 to 80 percent off, these markdowns are real deal. And it’s not just the dregs; there are plenty of their pretty table linens and pillows to be had. But perhaps best of all, if you don’t feel like heading downtown on a beautiful day, you can shop a selection of sale items right online. Of course we recommend hitting it up in the flesh at 453 South Spring Street (on the ground floor) for the best pickings, but if you can’t be bothered it’s nice to know you’ve got a backup plan.

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