Christmas Lights for Grownups


I’m moving into my first grownup apartment this week.

That’s not to say I haven’t been of age for a while–far from it. But this new space feels much more adult than past homes, and it’s becoming clear that certain little things that I’ve lived with in my current apartment simply won’t do in the new one. That table found on the street will need a tablecloth. Those adorable prints really need to be framed. And those Christmas lights? Sadly, they’ll need to go.

It started last year, when my beau and I got in the holiday spirit and hung a string of lights around our large front window. It felt festive, looked like a happy beacon from the street, and cast a perfect glow for watching a movie or enjoying a cup of tea in the evening. As the Christmas season faded, we had a hard time taking them down. We hemmed and hawed. Finally, after some deliberation (and me getting over my initial fear of being reprimanded by the post-holiday police) we left them up.

And it turns out it wasn’t tacky; those twinkling lights somehow really worked in that space. This next apartment? Not so much. The window’s too small, the landlord rather particular, and all in all, it seems time to move on. But I will miss that glow.

To fill that lighting void, I’m considering this modern candelabra from Design House Stockholm. It will offer the right about of flickering ambience, while saving me from lighting a million candles. Best of all, the simple shape is appropriate for the holiday and long afterwards–just as I like it.


Top image: Flickr user Idun R.

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