Picture Perfect: Designed to Inspire



Got a hankering to make a design statement in a small space? Dean Larkin of architecture firm, Dean Larkin Design did just that in his own office.

Recently, Larkin expanded into a raw space next to his office, which he designated the new conference room. Larkin noticed the only inherent charm in the room was  a simple, bare skylight so he embraced it… literally.




Larkin created an indoor trellis out of horizontal slats of furniture-grade birch. A ledge for presentation boards was installed midway up the wall and, from there, the slats climb up the wall at three-inch intervals. The wooden slats become increasingly curved as they reach the ceiling where they frame the skylight. Each birch piece was formed, using the process for shaping skateboard decks, by vacuum molding at Woodbury University.


Dean and his team finished the look off with an Italian lamp, red IKEA office chairs, and a simple glass table. 

The best design is infused with a ‘big idea’ and uses this concept to drive the design. In this case, Dean Larkin’s conference room trellis, transforms this otherwise simple room, into an inspired space for creative thinking.


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