California Closets and Peter Walsh Overhaul an Unorganized Home


I finished my move this past weekend, but there’s still a mountain of boxes staring me in the face at my new place. I made a wish upon a star last night that someone, preferably Oprah-approved, would come and turn this mess into pristinely organized perfection. Turns out that wish was answered–just not for me.

That’s okay though, because Pat Murphy’s home was in much more dire need. She’s the winner of California Closets’ Organize This! contest. The orderly-challenged submitted photos of their worst disaster zones in hopes of winning a $20,000 custom storage solution and consultation with Ms. O’s go-to organizational guru, Peter Walsh. CC and Walsh pored over more than 500 entries, but in the end deemed Pat’s San Francisco home the most desperate for an organizing offensive blitz.

Here’s a peek at Pat’s home pre-makeover:

And here’s the after!

The team overhauled Pat’s office, kitchen, entrance, and even parts of the bedroom into a fully equipped, organized wonder. And while the contest is now over, Peter’s advice lives on for anyone else out there wishing for their own system-making savior. Find tips on how to organize your home from the man himself here and here.

Thanks, Pat and Peter!

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