Gift Shopping in Gilman Village


It’s crazy how last Wednesday any talk of impending winter holidays sounded premature, but then come Friday if you haven’t started making a list and checking it twice it feels like you’re already behind the curve.

Relax. There’s plenty of time to enjoy the season, and plenty of opportunities to find the perfect gift for everybody–the key is to consolidate your shopping destinations.

Rather than go all over town to check off your list, spend a day in one area heavily concentrated with stores you love. Take Berkeley’s Gilman Village, for instance. In addition to the neighborhood’s year-round chic offerings from discount home store Trove, curated works at Show Place Art gallery, and the multi-culti selection at Ethnic Arts, this year they’ve got a pop-up shop to make it even more worth your precious holiday shopping time.

I’d pick up a cheeseboard in the shape of France for any Francophiles on my list and stow away a few burl wood bowls and for quick hostess presents or last-minute gifts. But with merch changing weekly at the store, there’s bound to be plenty of new items that’ll make for perfect presents too.

And if all that shopping makes you a little peckish, T-Rex Barbecue is nearby for sustenance. Because all that Thanksgiving stuffing was weeks ago, right?

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