Small Space Solutions from Niche Interiors


Jennifer Jones, ace designer behind Niche Interiors, knows how to make the most of a small space–just check out this month’s article on Entertaining in Small Apartments to see what I mean. So when she was hired to turn a tiny Pac Heights apartment into a stylish home for a downsizing client, she was most definitely up to the task. The result is a fun, girly space for grown-ups, where sparks of bright lime green and fuchsia mingle with bold patterns and chromed-out accents.

But aside from figuring out how to make the home both playful and comfortable for a lady in her 50s, the real challenge was making room for all the client’s necessities. Jones got creative with the living room, converting a closet into a home office and tucking a pair of brightly patterned x benches under a console table for a dining area that doubles as extra seating when company calls.

I love knowing that no matter what your age or size of your home, you can go girly glam with a few well-placed colorful accents and some clever tricks space-saving tricks. See more of the apartment and other projects by Jones at Niche Interiors

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