“The Windows” Project Fills Vacant Storefronts Downtown


Take a walk around downtown San Francisco and, along with many bustling holiday shoppers and decorated stores, you’ll still find plenty of empty windows. Despite a slow increase in consumer spending this season over last year, the recession continues to take down many a business, leaving empty storefronts and lease signs in its wake.

This year, the city’s branch of the International Interior Design Association came up with a brilliant idea to not only fill those vacant windows but also showcase the work of talented Bay Area designers and celebrate the holidays in the process.

“San Francisco: The Gift that Keeps on Giving” from HKS and Hathaway Dinwiddie

The project, appropriately called The Windows, works like this: Participants get a window in Union Square or the Financial District where they must artistically demonstrate the concept of “home”. Teams range from architecture firms to interior designers, artists, and vendors to the home market. We follow the map of window locations around downtown and get to see pretty art instead of vacant space. Nice, huh?

You can even vote on the one you like best by calling (415)498-0501 from now through January 31st. The window with the most votes will then receive the People’s Choice award at IIDA’s annual networking event in February.  Find more information on the project and participating teams here.

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