Pitch for Charity with Chronicle Books


A look at the book spines on my shelves reveals a lot of spectacles staring back at you. No, it’s not a bunch of Harry Potters (okay, maybe a few), it’s the little glasses logo that signifies the book is from San Francisco publisher (and CHD sister company) Chronicle. I’ve got a lot of those, you see, because they produce such fantastic titles. Bake bread like those pros at Tartine, start a crafty business, learn to print like Lotta — to me, it looks like they’ve covered the gamut of great book ideas. But au contraire. I’m sure you’ve got a great pitch that’ll prove me wrong.

If so, shh! Don’t tell. Instead, come up with a five-minute spiel, then make tracks over to their SF bookstore today at 680 Second Street. This afternoon from 3 to pm at Chronicle Books editor will be there to listen to your best pitch. Why? Glad you asked. Along with your brilliant book idea, bring along 10 bucks or, if your feeling generous, more. It’s the suggested donation for would-authors to participate, and it’s all going to Chronicle’s charity of choice, Habitat for Humanity. So you get to share your brilliant idea, get feedback from an editor, and support a good cause. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be staring at your book up on my shelf before too long.

More information on Chronicle’s Pitch for Charity event here.

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