Great Gifts from Kaufmann Mercantile


If you haven’t discovered Kaufmann Mercantile yet, you’re in for a treat. Sebastian Kaufmann curates his online store (based in Los Angeles) so wonderfully that it’s fun to look forward to what new item will be offered each week. Every single selection is well designed, beautiful, and practical. While anything on the site would make a terrific gift, here are just a few picks. First up: Handmade Beeswax Votive Candles (six for $15.90). Who doesn’t need candles that burn cleaner and healthier than paraffin? Their textural goodness comes from pure beeswax, and the candles are made by a family-run operation.

How about a Pendleton Tartan Lambswool Throw ($78)? It’s a classic, perfect for anyone to curl up in this winter, and for many winters to come.

The Borosilicate Glass Chicken Roaster ($15) is fascinating. Perfect for an industrial design afficionado because of its cool, old-school laboratory glass look, it’s reputed to result in a moist, flavorful roasted chicken.


Handmade in Los Angeles, the gorgeous Reclaimed Mahogany Coasters (four for $48) come with a bit of history: They’re made of reclaimed mahogany from a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

There are also items for gardeners, coffee lovers, day hikers, graphic designers, writers, and hobbyists—pretty much anyone on your list. Check out Kaufmann Mercantile here.

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