New Shop, New Lights from Anzfer Farms


Do you remember the last time we mentioned Anzfer Farms? At the time I was knee-deep in a rustic-chic obsession, and they were seriously nursing my addiction. But staring at their reclaimed wood lamps via computer screen is a somewhat easy habit to kick. Eyeing them in person, though, is a totally different bag of craving.

Whereas in the past Anzfer Farms’ creations were available mainly through their Etsy store, they’re now available to check out in the flesh—or, rather, bark. Their new brick-and-mortar, called Monday Spaces, is located in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond neighborhood at 2441 Balboa Street, between 25th and 26th Avenue. And just in time to really kick me back into my old habits, they’ve added floor lamps and footed lights to their line. I love how they look almost like a deconstructed Christmas tree, what with the glowing light at top and wood base. But while I’ve never had a problem with harboring fragrant firs after the holidays are over, I’m quite certain one of these beauties will have me hooked for a long time to come.

Image: Anzfer Farms

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