Find Gifts for Yourself (and Everyone Else) at Renegade’s Holiday Fair


The holidays continue to gallop towards us at an alarming pace. You’ve got to get a tree, decorate, attend countless parties (tough life!), and somewhere in there buy presents for all your nearest and dearest. So far I’ve got one gift down, countless to go. It seems every time I sit down to find the perfect gift, I wind up with 20 things for my own wish list, and not a dang thing for anybody else.

I won’t suggest that things will be any different at this weekend’s Renegade Holiday Fair at the Concourse Exhibition Center, but that won’t stop me from attending. Somewhere within the maze of gifts I’ve been desiring (Eri Sugimoto candy jars; hand-dyed napkins from Love, Daniella; and a necklace from I Adorn U, in case you were wondering) there’s just got to be a token or two that would be perfect for someone other than myself. Loved ones, believe me, I’m trying here!

Renegade’s Holiday Craft Fair takes place this weekend, Dec. 18th and 19th, from 11am to 7pm at in the East Hall of the Concourse Exhibition Center. More information and a list of participating artists available here.

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