Bitter Orange Potpourri from Agraria


They say that scent is the most powerful sense, the one that can send you rocketing backwards in time to when you first smelled a certain perfume, a certain cake cooking. I believe it’s true because while I hate 99.99 percent of potpourri, there’s one I adore—Agraria’s Bitter Orange. I suspect that my parents first came upon it when they stepped into the Nob Hill shop in the 70s. The combination of bitter orange, clove, and cypress reminds me of childhood, of trips into The City to see The Nutcracker, and of linen closets with bowls of Agraria’s signature fragrance.

Two liters of Bitter Orange potpourri are $55 at Agraria. The scent’s also available in candles, scented reeds, burning sticks, fragrance sheets, soap and other hair and body products.

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