Fill Stockings with Design-Friendly Books—On Sale


The first time I went Christmas shopping with my boyfriend was a revelation. We stopped into one bookstore—one— and before I had finished flipping through a magazine he had knocked out almost his entire gift list. Best of all, his picks were thoughtful, fairly inexpensive, and totally appreciated by the recipients. I’m telling you, books are the way to go. Yesterday Shoshanna shared her list of top home and design books to gift someone this year, and today I’ll share this extra incentive to go literary for the holiday: Chronicle Books is having a warehouse sale right now, and titles are up to 80 percent off.

If I’m going a little overboard with the Chronicle coverage of late, apologies—it’s only because I truly love them so. And at 80 percent off, can you blame me? So head to their store on Second at Brannan today and tomorrow from 9am to 7pm to stock up. The prices alone will have you singing their praises, but when you realize you just nailed down all those outstanding presents in a fraction of the time it usually takes, well, that’ll be the greatest gift of all.

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