Escape the Gray at Lotus Bleu


Yesterday I got caught in a hailstorm. HAIL, people. In California. It only lasted about 30 seconds, but it happened to be the exact same 30 seconds I was out of doors, walking to my car. Needless to say, I’m a little disappointed in how the weather’s been acting this week. And if I didn’t still have a few stray items on my gift list to check off, you can bet I’d be staying indoors with the heat way up.

As that’s not the case, I could at least use some brightness and cheer at my shopping destinations. Happily, SF’s Lotus Bleu has that in spades. There are delicious looking items everywhere, from sweet Madeline Weinrib napkins to Glassybabies in every shade, rolls of punchy fabrics and marshmallow-like poufs dotting the floor. If Willy Wonka favored sofas instead of sweets, this would be his place.

They’ve also got plenty of other beautiful finds that make great presents (like those Senegalese baskets I adore, for instance), if you’ve still got a few left to get. And this week, they’re extending their hours to accommodate last-minute shoppers, staying open from 11am to 7pm through Friday. So if you’re stuck out in the gray, or, heaven forbid, it starts to hail, make a beeline to Lotus Bleu for a taste of sweet sunshine in the middle of December.

Images: Lotus Bleu

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