Wrap Your iPad in Something Pretty: Roundup of eReader Covers


Christmas came early at my house, and this lucky girl’s now the proud owner of an iPad. My phone’s too old to be one of those “smart” numbers and my computer mainly stays at home, so this is my first major electronic to sashay out of the house with me on a regular basis. Needless to say, I’m almost as excited about picking out a cool case for it as I was about the ‘Pad itself (and that’s saying something). If you’re similarly gifted this holiday, perhaps you’ll enjoy this roundup of iPad covers. FYI: Most of these sellers have cases for other e-readers too.

Etch A Sketch iPad case (love this!); $39

Austin iPad sleeve; $40

Leather “Sparrow” iPad case; $90

Yeti iPad case; $75

BOOK for iPad; starts at $99

“Great Wave” Leather iPad case; $70

SLEEVE for iPad; starts at $34, select colors on sale for $26

Happy Holidays, readers!

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