Raindrops You Wouldn’t Mind Seeing from Zakka Nouveau


It’s been one wet Christmas this year in California, and as it rained buckets outside my window last night (and my power continued to flicker on and off), I thought I’d happily do without seeing another raindrop for months to come. That is, until I took a look at Zakka Nouveau.

The new-ish L.A.-based Etsy store banished any ill will I’m currently harboring towards raindrops and clouds. They sure know how to make stormy weather look cute, no?

Even if I still have no idea what to do with tea towel, a few of these dangling around my kitchen would be a welcome sight.

Or, on a more practical note, two of these potholders would work too.

And back to the impractical, but adorable all the same, this teeny tiny apron manages to feel cheerful even with the dark and stormy motif.

Check out Zakka Nouveau’s full line (including the coasters shown above) online at their Etsy store.

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