Poggenpohl Kitchens On Sale


Honestly, I’m not quite sure how to pronounce Poggenpohl. If it’s phonetic, I think it sounds like some sort of breakfast order at an English pub (“I’ll have the Pog and Pole, please”). Turns out though that the venerable, old-as-rocks German company is known not as a sausage and egg stuffed delicacy, but rather as the producers of sleek, shiny all-in-one kitchens for the modern set.

If you’ve ever coveted one (the kitchen, not the fictional breakfast dish), then now’s your chance to score. Poggenpohl is updating their showrooms across the globe and right here in California, and in the process they’re selling off the old floor models at steep discounts. So if a new kitchen is on your wish list for 2011, check out the available models at the San Francisco and Los Angeles showrooms here — and while you’re at it, find out how to pronounce that name for me, please.

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