Comfortably Clean: Bath Tubs Designed for Maximum Relaxation


I’m more of a shower kind of guy. In and out like a human car wash. But occasionally, the idea of taking a leisurely warm bath sounds downright sumptuous. I live in an old Victorian condo that came with a claw foot tub nearly as old as the house. It’s lovely to look at, but the proportions and angles of the tub must have been designed for a body type no longer in existence.

I am too big to stretch out comfortably, yet still small enough to slide underwater like an olive bobbing in a martini glass whenever I attempt to move. Therefore, when I decided to take a bath on vacation this past holiday in a modern 21st-century tub, I was disappointed to find the same Goldilocks-esque dilemma of feeling both too large and too small. However, with a little research, I think I have found a few tubs that break the mold, and in the words of Goldilocks are “just right.”

Few things are more relaxing than swinging on a hammock, one feels both secure and free at the same time. This sense of zen comfort has been transformed into a new Vessel tub by Splinter Works. (via

This tub by Italian designer Carlo Colombo is designed to create maximum comfort and relaxation.


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