Dining Design Diary: Red O


There are certain things I love about going to L.A., such as eating and drinking outside in extra plush patio furniture and acting like an undercover celebrity. Those are things harder to come by in here in SF, where the weather is down right chilly and nobody really cares about the state of Jake and Taylor’s union (you know you want to click it)

So when I head down south I pack my biggest pair of shades and do my research on the latest alfresco eateries. One that is definitely on my list is Red O. Headed by celeb-chef Rick Bayless (which is exciting itself because, hailing from Ohio, I do happen to care about stargazing), the Mexican restaurant was designed by Dodd Mitchell Design and G+ Gulla Jonsdottir Design and features a dining courtyard that fits the bill perfectly. Thirty feet up is a retractable roof shaded by sheer, white billowing fabric and hung with glass chandeliers. Modern wicker chairs and booths are covered with deep cushions in chocolate brown fabric, while the white plaster walls and pebble stone floor are reminiscent of Santorini or some other island weary realty stars go to mellow out. And of course, a svelte palm tree rises from the center of it all. Inside, coved booths lined in white brick offer more low-profile hangouts.

As I sit here fighting off the chill of San Francisco weather, I am tempted to book my reservation immediately in order to be knee-deep in tequila, ceviche and TMZ photogs by this weekend. 

And while palm trees and patio furniture might not make a strong showing in SF, we definitely take the cake when it comes to original restaurant design. We are kicking off a contest to crown the best-designed restaurant in SF, and we want your nominations. Stick your suggestions in the comments and an official ballot of your picks will be up in the next few weeks. 

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