MCM Finds a Virtual Goldmine of Vintage Furnishings


I’ll be the first to admit that the internet has ruined me for shopping in the real world. Online I can compare prices, see what’s in stock, and don’t have to worry about schlepping all those bags home afterwards. It’s perfection. The one thing that keeps me tethered to real-deal, leave-the-house shopping, however, is the thrill of a good flea market. Alameda, Candlestick—these places offer unique pieces that can be terribly hard to find (particularly at a reasonable price) online. But now, thanks to the recent crop of local, independent furniture dealers popping up on the web, even the fleas are getting some stiff competition. At the moment, I’m particularly crazy about the selection of crave-worthy furniture at MidCentury Modern Finds.

Husband and wife team Carlos and Christine Villalta took their love of MCM furniture and antique hunting pro, by scouring the flea markets, garage sales, and swap meets for the best pieces, cleaning them up a bit, then putting them up for sale on their handy website. Locals can then make an appointment to see the pieces in person at the couple’s storage unit in Potrero (hey, it keeps the prices low) or simply have them delivered to your home. Just beware, much like a good antique sale, perusing the MidCentury Modern Finds website is highly addictive. And did we mention they update their stock weekly? It’s enough to make this girl almost reconsider real-world shopping for good.

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