A Fireplace in Every Home


It’s that time of year again when the warm glow of a fireplace can provide a necessary break from the winter doldrums. The holiday cheer has started to fade but the cold winter weather is far from gone. Unfortunately, not everyone has the benefit of a fireplace in their home in which to cozy up. But alas not all hope is lost; thanks to flueless gas fireplaces people can still experience toasty feelings throughout the dreary months.

Here are a few stylish ways to add some radiant glow to your winter home.

Many homes, especially rentals in cities, have fireplaces that are no longer operable. But with burner kits from EcoSmart Fire, one can turn a decorative fireplace into an inviting gather space to warm your toes and hearts.

If you don’t have a decorative fireplace, you can still add some glow to your home and a little retro style with a Smeg gas fire. Designed to adorn you wall, they require no recess or chimney and convert 100% of gas into heat.

If you would rather not install a flueless fireplace on to your wall or would just like the luxury of moving your fireplace along with you from room to room, the Atria box trunk fireplace might be the perfect option.


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