Growth of an Icon: The Mini Cooper Countryman


Since it’s creation in 1959 the Mini has been a superstar of automotive design. At only 120 inches long, what the British car lacked in size it more than made up for in style and a surprisingly roomy interior. In 1999, the Mini was named the second most influential car of the 20th century after the Ford Model T. In 2000, the Mini was reintroduced to the public in a more contemporary and larger version (22 inches longer.) While still one of the smallest cars on the road, the Mini Cooper quickly became a fan favorite for its fun color combinations and excellent road handling (thanks in part to its new owner, BMW.)

Now the designers at Mini have added two more doors to the iconic coupe (and 14 more inches) with the release of the Mini Cooper Countryman. I think the results have kept in line with the sporty design and fun factor associated with the Mini. But the question begs to be asked: Is it still a Mini? 

The original Mini.

The Mini Cooper Countryman.

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