Surprise Source: Horchow for Mirrors (And Everything Else)


Horchow—really? That’s the first thought I had when a favorite blogger of mine linked to the formerly catalog-only furniture store. I used to equate this place with stuffiness and bad mahogany stain (Was I mixing it up with the Bombay Company? Quite possibly.), but when I clicked over, I was shocked. Gorgeous, the lot—or at least a lot—of it! And while there were things in every category I loved (this rug, for instance, or this bench), it was the selection of mirrors that had me thinking Horchow… really? Only this time for all the right reasons. Here are a few I’m crazy about—all for more than I’d care to spend, but not too bad for a big focal-point piece:

Aqua “Bamboo” Mirror, $595

Knot Mirror, on sale for $459.90

Paneled Mirror, on sale for $459.90

Orbit Mirror, $775


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